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Scarecrow Invasion!

Today, I’m busily painting so my sister Kristin, also the VP of Licensing and Business Development here at Kate McRostie DesignWorks, has volunteered to guest blog for me about her day trip last weekend for a little fall fun.  Enjoy!


If you haven’t been there,  Comfort, TX is an “antique” town located in the Texas Hill Country.   Every fall, they kick off the Harvest Season with the “Scarecrow Invasion.”  Here’s a peek at some of the creative creatures.   Maybe this will give you some ideas for turning your Harvest and Halloween decorations up a notch!

Driving into town, you start seeing Scarecrows everywhere!! 

Have you ever seen a Scarecrow Spa? 

She looks like she is enjoying her relaxing spa day…

It was a beautiful day for swinging…

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! 

More familiar faces

Even a “Rock Star” Scarecrow showed up!

And don’t forget the Wicked Witch of the West! 

And of course, so many just good old fashioned Scarecrow in all spaces and sizes got caught up in the fun!

Hmmm, I’m really re-thinking the basic pumpkins on my porch!  I think a scarecrow may be in order!

Happy Harvest!


Art Inspired Fridays - Sew Terrific!

I was so excited when I came across this adorable dress by Collie Ollie Designs on Etsy yesterday. I love to see what other artists and designers do with my fabrics (in this case) or my home decor items in a room.

Michelle from Collie Ollie Designs used my scarecrow fabric (from Springs/JoAnn’s)  to create this unique dress.  If only my girls were just a little bit younger…they would all be wearing these for our upcoming family Thanksgiving in Texas.

Click on any one of the pics below to buy one for your little scarecrow! While you are there, be sure to check out all of Michelle’s other cute children’s designs too! (The twirl skirts are a fun design too – I can tell Michelle’s little model is enjoying demonstrating them!)

Welcome Fall!

Have a great Fall weekend!

First Impressions for Fall

Last weekend,  I got out of town for a quick “Girl’s Weekend” with my dear friend, Martha. We went up to Philadelphia to go to a seashell show (will share those pics later) because I am crazy for seashells. While I was there, I snapped some shots of some simple fall front door decor that caught my eye.  Some of the ideas are simple, but really quite pretty! Enjoy!

Love the bat hanging from the light fixture!

The spiders on the pumpkins are a cute touch!

The green door is so fresh. With the hot pink mums...it says fall in a new way!

The gray door looks so pretty with the fall wreath

Love the electric orange - classic with a modern look also.

Modern simplicity

These urns are beautiful!

The cabbage mixed with mums in the copper urn is stunning!

Swag over an arched transom window

Cute idea for mini pumpkins - no door slamming though!

Bold mums

Love the simple mums against the beautiful white shutters and trim


Congratulations to Sandy Guppy who won the cake plate contest! She was one of the entrants on our Facebook page.

Everyday Inspiration

I think we all need a little inspiration these days.  Positive words either spoken or written can have quite an impact on our attitudes; lifting spirits, evoking peace, and even sparking creativity.  Affirmations can also remind us of the important places, people and things in our lives whether it be good times with family and friends, our commitment to our faith, memories from a fabulous trip, dreaming of a journey or maybe even our daily need for chocolate!

via Poppytalk

via La La La Faux

via It's a Jamie Thing

via Etsy

via Country Living

via Amazon

via A Full Cup

Whether we adorn our walls, coffee mugs, or pillows with unique words and phrases, it can just add a little extra sunshine to the moment, to the day, to our overall life.

I love to incorporate inspirational words into my artwork.  Often when I decide to paint an inspirational collection, there is a lot of energy that goes into finding the right words to go with it.  And of course,  the words help convey the mood of the design.   Most of the phrases on my art are original verses that my sisters and I write.

If you are in the fall decorating mode, why not pick up some vinyl letters, stencils, paint pens – or the trusty old paint brushes and add some sentiments to your space!

From Paintbrush to Product

I get questions all of the time from people asking exactly what I do…or people say, “you should sell that painting to XYZ boutique up the street” or “I saw a shop where you should sell your art”. I thought I would take a few minutes to explain how art licensing works…how I don’t directly sell any products. I strictly license my artwork for use on products.  I get all of the  benefits of my artwork being sold to various shops and boutiques all over the world without knocking on all of those hundreds of thousands of doors! There is no way I could do that- especially being the mom of three VERY busy girls!

This is a quick and simplified version of how my artwork makes it from my paintbrush to a product in your home:

First, I come up with a concept.

Kate McRostie Shades of Fall Concepts

Next, the creative juices start flowing and I complete the final artwork or grouping of art.

This is just one of the elements of my Shades of Fall Group

Another element of my Shades of Fall grouping

One more element of the Shades of Fall group

Then, Kristin Ashman, our VP of Licensing & Business Development, looks for a licensee or several licensees for the group. There may be many different manufacturers that license the same group, they must all make different products that do not conflict with each other.

Next, when necessary, I sketch out custom shapes for products. In many cases the licensee has specific products on which they would like to use the artwork.

The artwork is then cut out, broken apart, reconfigured, and married to the products either by the manufacturer or by Meghan Laviola, our VP of Marketing & Product Development and our Marketing Assistant, Monica Boddie.

Shades of Fall Rug Concept

The manufacturer then sends of the concepts to their manufacturing facilities where samples are made and then any little tweaks are worked out prior to producing the final product.

Once the sample is finalized, the manufacturer takes the products “to market”.  Most of the manufacturers that I work with have showrooms in the cities that have large home decor and gift market centers such as Atlanta, Dallas, and New York. The products featuring my designs are on display in these showrooms along with other products that the manufacturer produces. Retailers large and small attend these markets and if they like what they see, hopefully, they place an order for products that feature my art!

The manufacturer ships the products to the retailer and the next thing you know…it’s in a store near you!

The manufacturer of this pitcher and more products, Evergreen Enterprises changed the group name to "Harvest Blessings"

Loloi Rugs sold this design exclusively to Tuesday Morning stores...so you won't find it on rugs anywhere else.

It can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 1/2 years for this whole process to take place believe it or not!

I hope you enjoyed the little journey that my art takes from my paintbrush to the product (and then onto stores).

THIS WEEK'S GIVEAWAY! What style do you FALL for?

What is your favorite decorating theme? Do you have a wine-themed kitchen, coastal living room, Tuscan bedroom? Please leave a comment telling us about your style on our Facebook page or our website and you will be entered for a chance to win Kate’s “Harvest Blessings” hand painted cake plate from Evergreen Enterprises. It will make a stunning addition to your Fall decor! All comments must be in by Wednesday, Oct 13th at 9 pm EST. Good luck! * US & Canada only.

Kate McRostie Harvest Blessings cake plate by Evergreen Enterprises

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Woman!

Happy Birthday Mom! Today is my mother’s birthday. Yes, she is 29 AGAIN!

Beautiful inside and out!

So, I thought it was a perfect day to pay tribute to the one who played a big part  into helping shape me into the artist I am today. My mom, Pat, comes from a family of artists including her talented mother as well as two sisters.  She has painted, sculpted, crafted, you name it, throughout her life. I will definitely be sharing some of her artwork in future blog postings.

Creativity was never an option in our house, it just came naturally.  Mom passed down that creativity to me as a small child sitting in this very high chair working the crayons. Of course, this high chair was hand-painted by her!

Where do you think I my love of scrolls came from???

She also passed down her artistic genes to my siblings and now on to her grandchildren. So, thanks for the the inspiration Mom! Love you! Happy Birthday!

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

When I’m not painting, or taking kids to and fro, I am traveling – to show new designs and to introduce new products.  So far this year for work, I’ve been to Atlanta, GA,  New York City twice, Williamsburg, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada.   The great thing is that I get to travel with my sisters, who manage the business side of my company.   While we work hard on our trips, we have a wonderful time visiting with each other and checking out the restaurants and shops in the various cities.  But, by early evening, we are back to the hotel to iron our outfits for the next day, relax and call home to our husbands and children.

Leaving for a week at a time can be tricky with our kids.  To appease Kristin’s young daughters, we often have an extra traveling companion who happens to “hop” into her suitcase…then we take photos and e-mail them back home to show my nieces what their cuddly buddy is up to:

Here’s “Oinker” setting up for Surtex in NYC:

Oinker in NY

And resting at the hotel after a long, busy day:

Here’s “Coley” enjoying a trip to NYC for the Home Fashions Market.  He really enjoyed the Room Service and getting a little special gift for the girls:

Coley at the NY Home Fashions Market

Coley enjoying room service

And here’s Pete the Penguin, enjoying Las Vegas when we exhibited at The Licensing Expo:   He sure did enjoy the view!

Pete the Penguin setting up at the Mandalay Bay

Vegas Baby!

So it’s not all business for us…there’s some silliness mixed in!  Wonder who is going to stow away with us next…