Come Fly With Me...

Living near the beach in North Carolina, I can’t help but love anything…okay, EVERYTHING coastal related.  Seashells, sand, flip-flops, etc… One of my favorite “things” is just enjoying all of the beautiful, funny little shorebirds. They are an endless source of inspiration and always a favorite subject to paint.

Today I thought I would share some [...]

Art Inspired Fridays - Ooh La La Outfits

For today’s “Art Inspired Fridays” installment, I decided to see what was out there on Polyvore . I was so excited to see some really neat sets featuring some of my European  Coffee artwork!

Başlıksız by sweetlady73 featuring TopShop tops

Cafe de Venice by Weeka featuring Tory Burch

Ok…now that I have my outfits all planned, I’m [...]

The Great Outdoors...DECORATED!

I love being outside. While my preference is to be on the beach enjoying the ocean air, the softness of outdoor curtains on a porch or back patio can really offer a moment of serenity or renewed energy. Can’t you just imagine sitting there, enjoying the breeze? While I love the [...]

Art Inspired Fridays - Country Chic Study

I think I might like to make over my own studio into this one…! This collage features my Country Chic Cow on the mousepad and one of the Country Chic patterns on the rooster.

Collecting - Incolay

Ever heard of Incolay? I had never heard of it until I came across this adorable little box at an antique store for a few dollars…

Seagull Incolay Box

At first, I thought it was carved soapstone. It had no markings whatsoever.  After doing a little research, I discovered that it was Incolay, and this design [...]